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It’s a beautiful moment when the entire crowd knows all the words and just sings along


It’s a beautiful moment when the entire crowd knows all the words and just sings along

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Justin Nozuka 10/8/14 at Webster Hall

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Justin Nozuka + David Ryan Harris @ Webster Hall

Music for the soul. Couldn’t ask for much more.

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Justin Nozuka singing After Tonight last night at the Webster Hall.

Hello everyone ! I need to ask a massive favor of you guys ! I know we are all here to celebrate the beautiful music that the Nozuka’s make , but I was wondering if you all could take a minute to help out my friends band , Andy Suzuki & The Method . 

I have posted about them before , and they are fans of Justin as well - they went to his NYC show last summer , here is a pic of us after the show ( we all met through justin’s music  ps the ones are you voting for are the 2 lads in the back ;] )

 - but they are trying to play the SummerStage in Central Park ( NYC ) next summer ( 2015 ) and they need your votes !

IF you have a spare moment and could follow these steps I will be forever grateful !

Click This Link —>

Which will lead to this page :

Type in : ” Andy Suzuki & The Method “

And hit search !

You will see this next :

Click ” Demand A Show ” and that’s it !

You should see these two things if it went through correctly !

Thank you in advance and if you want to check out there latest single , click here !

Anonymous sang to us, "Hi folks! This is quite urgent to me. Im 15 and i've been a Justin Nozuka fan since i was about 8 (wow that almost half my life!) He's coming to my hometown in THREE DAYS!!! I've been looking to find out what age is required for entrance. Are all of the concerts 21 and up (cause that would break my heart) or does it depend on where its located, i need to know before i go to it"

That’s awesome that you have been a fan since you were so young ! impressive !

I’m assuming you are going to the show on the 5th at the hard rock and you are in luck … it is all ages  !

and if its on the 4th , it all ages as well !

vzvrv sang to us, "Fyn meet up? What is that exactly ? I'd love to do whatever, I'm leaving for Bootcamp for Marine Corps. in Nov. and my mom bought the tickets as a birthday gift. Is this to meet Justin & crew?"

it is just a meet up of followers from this page … just a fun way to experience the concert together , but also , we showed up early enough that we got to meet justin by chance beforehand ! here is a picture from our last meet up !



If you are headed to Justin’s show in NYC on October 8th , send me an ask with your name and i will add you to the list for the FYN NYC MeetUp #2 !




Neither myself ( Jade ) or Sara will be at this show unfortunately , but we are more than happy to help you guys organize the meet up !

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